be you, do you, for you

Welcome to my BLOG!  I have a lot to share with the world, and MANY different topics of discussion for us to explore together!

I thought for my first entry, I would talk about something most of us don't like to talk about - being yourself, for yourself.

I have had my fair share of feedback from people since I was a little girl.  Learning the hard way, and from tough love from the outside world isn't always easy.  I do believe though that it is necessary, because it is a cold, hard world out there, and people don't sugar-coat or give it to you easy.  It's not like "Proud Mary"... we don't have someone break it to us gently before they rock out and show us/ tell us how they really feel.

I learned to keep my mouth shut and really listen.  This is a trait many people to this day judge me for though.  Just because I don't react, it may seem like I don't care, or I am disinterested in something that is being discussed.  When in actuality, I am really giving hard thought to every detail, every point of view, and deciding how I really feel about something.  This isn't a world where  you need to jump to a conclusion, lash out, or even say YES or NO in an immediate second, especially if you deserve to give yourself some time to process the information being given.  It is difficult to others if you don't have a quick response however.  So remind yourself to respond wisely.

I came across this IG post, and this is a phrase I tell myself each day.... be you, do you, for you.

I am a "sure, no problem", "yeah I can do that", "Ok I can jump in" kind of girl.  I will put myself out on a limb to help someone in a difficult situation, no matter what it is, and no matter if it benefits me.  Being a "yes, sir" kind of person in this life can get you two things.  It can get you opportunity, and it can get you walked all over.  Being a NICE person, is what we should all be - it shouldn't be a term used to critisize someone with.  If the world were a little more compassionate to others' feelings, I truly think it would be a better place.  I will be going into depth of this topic very soon, because it's a whole can of something special that can be discussed!

Now let's go back to being you - for you.

We should always take the time to reflect on where we have been, and where we would like to head.  There should be no shame in personal goals and dreams.  Dream as big as you can, and work hard to make that dream come true.  You should never feel bad for succeeding either.  If people around you aren't supporting you in your quest to be a "better you", you simply need to surround yourself with people who do - they are out there, I promise.

Encourage others, it will lift your spirits alongside theirs.  There is something to be said about seeing the good in others, and seeing the glass half full.  We all make mistakes, but we all recover from those mistakes and learn from those lessons that were presented to us.  Optimism is attractive, healthy and feels good - try it out.

You have the power in your hands and your heart to achieve anything you put work into.  So get to work!

Be you.  Do you.  For you.